Executive Coaching Via Process Consulting

Coaching via Process Consulting takes “batch time” training into the realm of building competencies in executive functioning. While “batch time” training usually takes place for a group of people drawn from across the organization, the Process Consulting Executive Coaching approach is focused specifically on the individual or a team with many similar characteristics. Executive Coaching is usually at the workplace itself, or through any predefined channels and time, decided by the two parties.

Executive Coaching is on a longer sustained period, measured by months, and possibly years. In fact, a period of time in the relationship can ensure a higher degree of sustainability. Indeed ORi’s long term OD clients have seen mid-managers progress up to GM, COO, CEO and Director levels including country heads through this process. Intrinsic in this long term relationship is an inviolable element of honesty – the coach needs to be truthful in a supportive way taking the vulnerability that comes with it and therefore the coachee gets to know what he/she should know rather than what he/she wants to hear. This value-base provides the fundamental premise in this process.

A clear distinction is that Executive Coaching builds in the “accountability factor” for the coachee to learn till tangible results are realised. Different from, and unlike a trainer, the coach uses a holistic approach, assumes many roles in the learning journey of a coachee, all bundled in one. The coach becomes the conscience behind and the “memory bank”, all synergised to “push” the coachee in action and achieving results. It is firmly believed that through coaching, the results are more immediate and sustainable.

To sum it all. making something like the above happen comes within the purview of ORi’s intrinsic uniqueness that delivers Executive Coaching via Process Consulting enhancing,

  • Values that dedicate us to developing the understanding of universal values, propagate compassion, acceptance and empathy in a world of diversity, and the
  • Deliverable interventions that are value-based multi-disciplinary approaches making it possible for organizations to implement systems of total resource utilization through “people involvement”.