Ensconced in Malaysia and the region, since 1979 ORi has fostered value-based multi-disciplinary approaches that enhance the human condition in organizations. ORi has had a symbiotic relationship with the Behavioral Science fraternity in North America for over 50 years and with the BJC Corporation for some 30 years. Starting first from the dimension of the Applied Behavioral Science, ORi refined the people interface with systems and technology through the combined qualitative and quantitative applications of Human Capital Measurements and the bottom line consequences of management strategy. The welding of the qualitative and quantitative has been a result of the on-going OD applications with several hundred corporations in the region.

Action Learning first initiated by Kurt Lewin in 1947, has been the constant premise of all organization renewal endeavours. A basic belief is that individual and personal realization is the cornerstone of any team learning and acting through the powerful vehicle of group action ensures successful change implementation as organizations strive to attain their preferred futures. A philosophy is that all organization action must succeed in playing out its “raison d’etre” and therefore serve the local, regional and global communities. This guiding philosophy is essential in the context of the challenge that globalization presents.